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New to social media?

There's never been a better time to start using social media to drive your business. We make it easy for you to get going and start building your brand on social media.

Mainstream Audience

Over 60% of Japan is on social media

Social is now the second most popular media channel after television with over 78 million active social media users.


Social is now almost as influential as television

The age of social media being an option is no more. Social media is now more influential than magazines and newspapers.

Social Focus

Professional tools made easy for beginners

Social Focus will allow any business to get started on social media, no matter what size, bringing together powerful features in an easy to use interface designed for scale and small businesses alike.

Get started in three easy steps

1. Connect channel

Connect your social channels with our intuitive setup screens.

2. Create a post

Easily create posts for all your social channels from one place, replicate posts for all your channels at once or make separate posts as you wish.

3. Set a schedule

Let social focus know when you want the post to be published and we will make sure it goes live at the time you want.

Understand your social media maturity

Find out where you currently stand in terms of your social media maturity and discover what your business should do to make a success on social media. Take the Qurate Social Media Maturity Survey for free.

Everything you need to manage your social content

Try Social Focus for Free

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