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Managing social media just got a whole lot easier

Multi-channel publishing, comment moderation, listening and analytics takes time to manage. Social Focus gives you the automation, reporting and management you need to maximize social media for businesses of all size.


Flexible scheduling

Schedule, queue or bulk upload your social posts it's up to you. Choose the right scheduling to save you the most amount of time.

Brand Identity

User management

Protect your brand identity by creating user roles that allow for the right content authorization and management of all your content.


Listen, analyze then action

From a single place you can get all the insights you need about your brand, competition and industry and then take immediate actions.


Analyze your twitter strategy

View and analyze current or historical twitter posts and campaigns and see what posts are performing best.


Take a look inside Facebook Insights

Quickly get a snapshot of your Facebook post impressions, audience growth and easily understand how your content is performing.


Powerful Instagram analytics

See how your audience is growing, the voice share you are getting and dig into the hashtag trends that are working for your business.

Understand your social media maturity

Find out where you currently stand in terms of your social media maturity and discover what your business should do to make a success on social media. Take the Qurate Social Media Maturity Survey for free.

Everything you need to manage your social content

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